Still Photo Lab Profile

Still Photo Lab, Inc. was incorporated in 1957, and is a California
Corporation. We are an equal opportunity employer and are
ethnically diverse. Our primary services include Full Service
Photographic and Digital Imaging, including Black and White
Processing and Printing, Type C and E-6 Processing and Printing,
Large Format or Poster Size Prints, Digital Prints and Negatives,
Mounting and Laminating and Digital Retouching. The Company is
located in Hollywood and has two facilities, 1210 N. La Brea and
1222 N. La Brea, encompassing 8000 square feet. All services are
provided on our own premises and equipment, and are done in

Our Mission

Still Photo Lab's mission continues to be maintaining high quality
results regardless of quantities, large and small, along with
providing quick turn around time at competitive prices.

How are we different?

Still Photo Lab has always maintained High Quality, the ability to
produce Large Quantities, Quick Turn Around times and Extremely
Competitive Prices. Other labs concentrate on one or two aspects,
we pride ourselves on maintaining all four.

We have No Hidden Rush Charges.  We are small enough to give
individualized service, yet large enough to turn around quantity
orders faster than our competitors.

We are able to maintain Low Pricing due to the fact that we are not
overwhelmed by Union Obligations.

Finally, Still Photo Lab continues our close working relationships
with our clients so as to be attuned to their changing needs and to
make our clients jobs simpler, so they can do what they do best.

Strategic Alliances

Still Photo Lab is the Third Largest Purchaser of Black and White
Materials in all of California. This has allowed us to maintain the
same pricing for 12 years, thereby benefitting our clients. Our
suppliers are eager to help and to listen to our needs. Due to our
strong purchasing power we are often given the opportunity to test
new products and services before they hit the market.

Client Base

90% of Still Photo Lab's client base are Film and Major Motion
Picture Companies and tend to be Large Volume Purchasers,
including both Domestic and International Divisions. These clients
concentrate on Press Kits (Domestic and International), Large
Volume Duping, Digital Retouching, Processing for Unit
Photography, Storage and Cataloging of Clients' Original
Photographic Media.

Still Photo Lab has contractual agreements with clients to archive
and catalogue Original Photographic Media, thereby streamlining
and expediting the ordering process for our clients.

Our other clients include Individual Photographers who appreciate
our high quality, quick turnaround times and individualized customer

Staying on the Cutting Edge

Our industry has continued to move further into Digital Imaging, with
lower cost Digital Input and Output Devices at Higher Resolution.
Digital Cameras already play a greater role as their quality
continues to improve. Higher Speed and More Cost Effective
Internet Connectivity also presents a new opportunity for us to
better serve our clients by offering low resolution comps via e-mail
(for small jobs) and via our FTP imaging server.
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